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Grandma, What Is Your Name?



“Grandma What Is Your Name” is the story of Grandma Carey’s life and those who came before her. It is all inspired by little Bernie asking her one day, “Grandma, what is your name?”  She not only tells him her name, she tells him part of her life story and her their families’ life story and more! It inspires all of us to love and cherish our past and share it with future generations.

The book is centered in Cleveland, Ohio. The illustrations are deeply researched and artfully rendered. There is a section in the back of the book to personalize your story for the person you might be reading to, or just yourself.
Ages 4 to 10

One reader writes . . . “The pictures made me cry, they are so sweet. . .”

Another reader writes . . . “I could not believe the title of this book! My Grandmother’s name to me was always ‘Bubbie’ and I did not know her real name until I myself was in my 40’s. I filled out the back of the book for my own little grandchildren and it also inspired me to look up Bubbie’s history.”


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