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What we do

Hot Metal Publishing offers Marketing-Branding-and Advertising platforms. Reach your ideal market with our unique way of Active Marketing. Hot Metal Publishing can help you climb to where you want to be!

Business Strategy

We help our clients develop a plan to improve their market-share and execute the plan. We provide analysis and input of the product itself, demographic analysis, Copywriting to include in ad campaigns, suggestions for advertising outlets beyond our own and more.

Brand Identity

Sometimes a product needs a packaging makeover or a new logo or other brand design. We help clients to establish the easy identifying of their brand to ensure increased sales.

Web Design & Development

Tying in with Brand Identify is web appearance and design. A great-looking product can get “lost” in its website. Too much information at one time in one place can soften the customer’s concept and awareness. We streamline web appearance and tighten it up for optimal viewing.


Hot Metal Publishing has many years of experience consulting and assisting our advertising clients to build campaigns that suit their products and budgets. Whether direct mail, E-mail, print advertising, digital/web advertising, radio & T.V. commercial production or other marketing strategies, we can take you there.


Publishing (Print/Digital)

We produce a variety of print and print/digital publications that serve educational topics, choir topics, grandparent issues (ages 45-75), the vegan way of life/cooking and general health issues.


We can help with all of your photography and videography needs. Whether it’s product shots, commercials or educational videos we’ve got you covered.

Our properties include…

Refund Policy

Our customers can request a full refund within 14 days of the sale.
We will evaluate and process the refund within 14 days after receipt of the refund request.

Phone number: (216) 702-3597